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How The Creative Executive Method Increases Communication and Gets Everyone on The Same Page  

  • Higher Work Satisfaction
  • Fewer Complaints to HR
  • Increased Creativity


  • Meets Projected Numbers with Clear Collaboration  

“Jen has an uncanny way of filtering the swirling parts of huge collaborations and guiding them toward the extraordinary. Never before have I witnessed such choreography of personality and style ranges. With her at the helm, I'm on board. Period.” —Kelley B., CLINK Events, VP of Corporate Events and DMC Programs  

“From time management tips to feedback best practices to creative risk-taking inspiration, the Creative Executive team brought insight to our team members that we could act on immediately.” —Caitlin N., Communications Company

"Working with Jen Spencer was the most valuable investment I’ve made. What continues to amaze me is how applicable her coaching is to all of business challenges and relationships." —Lisa H., Founder, Commercial Talent Representation Firm  

“Jen Spencer and her team are my secret weapon!” —Grace H., Design Company Owner 

Every aspect of the coaching was tailored to me and the experience I'm having... I found myself thrown into the deep end, having to take charge of a team of 10 overnight. Jen helped me find my footing as a manager and gave me the confidence and skills to grow a successful, motivated team. I felt more empowered, assured, and confident in my decisions and where I was headed.” —Director of Planning, Global Advertising Agency

“Working with Jen is the best investment of the latter half of my 20-year career. I was stuck in my own narrative, and she helped me see the possibilities. She personalizes coaching based on where you are and where you want to be, quickly "gets you". The combination of her proactive, intuitive, straight-shooter personality and industry insights was the best gift. Lucky me, I found her.” —Kelly H., Dell, Chief of Staff 

 ”After only two sessions I found an invigorated attitude and focus.” —Sr. VP, Wells Fargo Executive  

“Kept the team engaged through the new insights and strategies! Our team walked away energized and inspired to take the appropriate next steps in driving their careers forward. Mission accomplished!” —Robin W., Twitter

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